Nick Forté cut his teeth in the early 90's as guitarist for the metal-ish hardcore band RORSCHACH. There he explored extreme volume, feedback, and playing the guitar with knives.

In the mid 90's Forté formed COMPUTER COUGAR in New York City. A different animal all together, "The Coug" was a post-punk inspired four piece outfit in which he played jagged guitar and sang (sic).

He soon began to explore the world of guitar effects, landing a job as an effect pedal tester/consultant for the infamous Electro-Harmonix corporation. He toiled there for many years, sharpening knob twiddling and fretboard skills alike. It was during his tenure at EH that Forté and a co-worked formed BEAUTIFUL SKIN, a group intended to attack post-punk territory in an abstract way, while exploring kraut rock and ambient electronic/experimental parameters as well. These goals were met, arguably surpassed, but then the group disbanded suddenly several months before New York City became totally enamored with post-punk. Oops.

Feeling disillusioned with rock and roll politics, Forté bought a home computer to augment his sizable arsenal of analog effects and spent more time working on solo "music" and less time hanging out in bars and clubs. This was somewhere around the year 2000. The idea behind NICK FORTE's foray into computer music was to "forgo retro" (his words, not ours) and explore strange rhythms and new ways to process/play guitar.

These ideas were further investigated in his next group, CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS, which explores many avenues of experimental/weird electro-acoustic, psychedelic error, drone music. This group, remarkably, exists to this day.

Forté, wanting to once again explore very extreme harsh musical realms (see RORSCHACH, above) also teamed up with Miami musician/songstress, Dino Felipe (sic) to create the aptly monikered FELIPE AND FORTE. The duo continues to make "crazy" music together remotely via the mailing of sounds. Forté recently moved from Brooklyn to the mountains of upstate New York where he creates new music nearly every day. New groups and projects are always in the works, new sounds always taking shape.

The above mentioned bands/solo projects have released records on a slew of labels, including:

Soft Abuse, Kranky, GSL, Schematic, Gern Blandsten, and Sublight.

--Jackie Flanagan, "Ethereal Street Dust Monthly Newsletter" Winter 2006