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MARCH 2012

Two new solo tapes available at Discriminate Music.

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RORSCHACH West Coast Tour! Picture from:

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JULY 2011

Raspberry Bulbs live set on William Berger's show "CASTLE OF QUIET" WFMU:

"Taking into account all my years on WFMU, including my original tenure doing the weekly Hip Bone program (1984-1999), this live performance, a world debut by the Raspberry Bulbs 4-man combo, is one event that I shall place among the highest, most gratifying events I have ever had the decided privilege of presenting on the radio."

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JUNE 2011

Available from CATHOLIC TAPES:

Another stunning 35 minutes of clatter & chaos from Christmas Decorations' Nick Forte’. A vast arrangement of sounds lying somewhere between free jazz improvisation and sound collage, Forte’ really takes it somewhere else with Mongrel Faun. Continuing a very similar aesthetic to his 2010 LP “Defeated”, here, Nick really utilizes a fantastic world of sounds all while working with the cassette medium. A truly exiting release! Professionally printed inserts on heavy card-stock, high biased tapes, in an edition 155

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New solo album: Kraut rock inspired synth music "In Krasnozem" from Sky Dripping Venom. Released by Ruralfaune Synth Series




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Rorschach plays reunion shows on the East Coast. Above at Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, New Jersey, September 24, 2009. more photos>>

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New Hells Hills Record Released by Wodger>>

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Christmas Decorations perform at NACL theater in Highland Lake, NY.

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MAY 2009

New solo album available in limited edition vinyl from wodger and download at itunes.

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Nick's new black metal project "Hamsoken" has released its debut... "Foul Harvest"



October 4th -- Nick performs "verdant ground live" at the Catskill Art Society with collaborator Kurt Knuth.

>> watch the video
>> CAS website



Christmas Decorations at Monkeytown in Williamsburg, September 19th.
>>video at youtube



"Dueling Banjos" solo performance/installation at Denniston Hill "Listen!" festival in Woodridge, NY.





New Christmas Decorations vinyl only limited-edition "Far Flung Hum" now available on their new label called Wodger.

>> Aquarius Records' review.


JUNE 2008

Christmas Decorations reconvenes in the Catskills for a marathon recording session.



JUNE 2008

Nick Forte and Jason McGill, AKA Bleakhouse, perform at bathhouse in Providence, RI. According to one member of the audience, "it sounded like Venom."


MAY 2008

Nick Forte has a new solo experiemental black metal band called Hamsoken. Many months pass immersed in darkness and pathos. Who will win? Not I.




Obsolete Units released the debut by Hells Hills this month, a 30-minute cassette called "Little Matter of Death".


JUNE 2007

Christmas Decorations "Communal Rust" is available on the Community Library label. Lots of great press surrounding this release. The group just recently finished a marathon recording session in the seclusion of the Catskill mountains and will begin putting together the vast fruits of their labor into a new album (or two). This past recording saw the group expanding yet again to a four piece with the inclusion of mountain man Kurt Knuth on various instruments.

Hells Hills is inching ever closer to releasing their debut album, details to follow soon. The group (now a six piece juggernaut) has remained quite active; recording and playing a string of live performances around the New York City area, most recently with the inspiring Emeralds and Birds of Delay.

The third Nick Forté solo album is finally complete and should see a relase in early 2008. Specific details to follow as things get hammered out. Forté has also been quite busy with several other mysterious solo projects that are approaching completion.



some new stuff now available

Christmas Decorations have 2 tracks on the new 12k compilation, "Blueprints". The group is thrilled to be working with Taylor Dupree and his great 12k imprint, one of the best and longest running electronic labels around.

Also, Christmas Decorations new CDR release, "The Land of Nope" is available as part of the Melted Mailbox mailorder series. It can be aquired by ordering the vinyl series through Melted Mailbox, but e-mail nick forte to snag a copy as there are about 50 individual copies for sale.

Hells Hills, Nick Forté's newest group, has been recording and playing live shows througout 2006, and continue working on their debut record. Check out the Hells Hills myspace page for sound clips and more information.

Nick Forte´ now has a radio show on the and hydro powered WJFF radio in the Catskills. The show is called VIVA LA TRANCE and airs every Wednesday night from 10pm-midnight EST. This ain't no podcast, but honest to goodness live radio. Nick shares the show with co-host, the Outlier, so he's on every other week playing a wide variety of experimental, rock, electronic and otherwise. The shows are archived and one can listen on-line from anywhere in the world.

Here are live photos from the last few months:

(above) Nick Forté played a great show with Yellow Swans and Grouper in Oct. '06 in Ithaca NY. There was an all star jam at the end. Grouper is way in the corner crouched down making sound.

(above) The live debut of Felipe and Forté!! NYC Dec. '06. No one believed this day would come. That's Dino with the white cap.

(above) Hells Hills from the same show with Dino, NYC Dec. '06.

May 2006
lots of news:
Felipe and Forté has a brand new album "Eke Out" available June 30th on
Sublight records. “Eke Out” the second sand-blasted album from the dark
alliance of Miami noise brewer Dino Felipe and New York fragmentor Nick
Forté. Their highly regarded first album, “Shaggy Black”, which Pitchfork
deemed “gorgeous” and The Wire magazine called kinda genius, marked the
beginning of a skewed and spewed musical endeavor. The 10 track “Eke Out”
continues in a similar vein as it’s predecessor, though perhaps playing up
the binary bile and pushing the haze envelope even further. This thing
floats with metallic harshness and a brutish psychedelic claustrophobia,
incorporating vocals, percussion, synths, guitars and computer into a frothy
soup. Felipe and Forté’s collaborative work has been compared to Boredoms,
Black Dice, the Dead C and Fennesz.

Also, Felipe and Forté have a track on a new compilation, "Kanoja, Myos
Hanoja" on the totally great Finnish CD-R label 267 lattajjaa which is now
available (May '06). This is limited to 100 copies and includes tracks from
the likes of the amazing Robert Horton, Pumice and many others, so get a
copy while supplies last.

Fall of 2006 will see the release of the new Christmas Decorations full
length "Communal Rust" This will be on the Community Library label out of
Portland Oregon which is run by the illustrious Paul Dickow of Strategy/
Nudge fame.

Christmas Decorations have also beefed up to a trio with the addition of
sound skullptor Peter Kerlin. Our first trio recordings will come out as a
CDR as part of the staggeringly ambitious Melted Mailbox series. This is a
series of mail-order only one sided etched 12 inches that come with all
kinds of goodies. One of the goodies will be a CDR release from Christmas
Decorations, this will be sometime in '06.

Nick Forte's newest venture, the improvised music collective Hells Hills
recorded there first record in April of '06 after 2 years of only playing
live performances around New York City. The 5 piece ensemble is currently
mixing the record which has a decidedly Faust/AMM/Skullflower vibe with
plans of release in 2006.


Just out on Sublight Records: Nick Forte's long awaited second solo album of computer music "Young Man's Disease".